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 "We" is Tom Davis.  I got into cycling in 1971 and was soon working at a bike shop in Wilmington, North Carolina.  My boss was Ken Wallace, who would go on to become well known among those who find "classic" bicycles to be far more interesting than the mass-produced machines of today.  Ken helped me develop a love of the art and craftsmanship of building bicycles.


In 1974 I went to New York City for the International Bicycle Show, and while there saw a booth with some components that had been drilled out.  The chainrings looked like lace.  I was so impressed that I enrolled at Cape Fear Technical Institute in Wilmington and got my certificate in Industrial Machine Operations.  I went to Sears and bought a drill press and I was in business.  That was well over thirty years ago, and everyone wanted to make sure that their bike was lighter than the next guy's.  Since then we've learned that a couple of ounces doesn't make much difference unless it's in the wheels during acceleration; and yet, drilling out parts seems to be making a comeback with the modified parts known as "drillium."  The difference now is that people are customizing their bikes for the fun and beauty of it; and as a reminder of a time not too long ago when names like Anquetil, Merckx and Poulidor were part of our every day conversations.

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Perfect Perforations, LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered with the state of North Carolina.

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