We can cut designs, simple pictures, letters and numbers into your chainrings, bottom bracket shell, brake levers, handlebar stem, or whatever part you'd like.  These are cut all the way through, so are not recommended for brake calipers or seat posts.  If you have an idea for a design, we would be glad to find an image for you, or you can send us one that you already have, either on paper or a graphics file such as .tiff or .jpg.

Above:  Not an actual cutout as most people think of it, but the bottom of the flower in the center is cut from a vertical bridge.  The leaves were part of the chainring's horizontal bridge.  The majority of the flower was cut into the metal by hand.  Note the veins engraved into the leaves.  A photograph of the chainring before this work was done can be seen on the "About" page which shows the holes being drilled.





Left:  The top section of these Campagnolo Record shift levers was cut

out to follow the beading on the edge.  The bottom of the cutout is shaped

to match the design of the lever.  The surface area below the cutout was

flattened to remove the raised lettering, after which the entire lever was

polished and buffed.



Right:  A heron in a marsh has been cut into this bottom bracket shell.

Detailed patterns such as this must be done before the frame is built

in order to fit the saw blade through the seat tube hole.  Simpler designs

can be cut into bottom bracket shells and head tubes of built frames.

Bear in mind that it is likely there will be some damage to the paint

immediately around the cut.












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