We can engrave patterns on any of your components.  This is engraving with hand held gravers, not the lettering machines that you'll find in a trophy shop.  We can cut individual designs or add a flourish to a cutout or a drilling.

The Kanji symbol for “Banzai”(万歳)has been engraved by hand into the side of this Shimano 105 front derailleur.  Meaning “ten thousand years of life,” I suppose you could also engrave "L'Chaim!" ( חַי ) which is Hebrew for “To Life,” but “Banzai” definitely has a more aggressive feel to it.  You will see another view of this same derailleur on the Inlay page where the front is shown.

Unfortunately, the Kanji is in the wrong order.  Shouyama Takeshi was kind enough to send us a note from Japan explaining the error.  Thank you, Takeshi.

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